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A partner can track the success of an ad campaign, alter its method, getting more and more cash from the casino. A crucial place in the effective work is the quality of promotional materials (bet365 affiliate earnings). It is required that they bring in exactly the audience that is needed by the online casino.

A distinguishing characteristic of routine visitors of online casinos can be called betting and the desire to get simple cash. Both guys and ladies can play. According to research, regular visitors to the casino are single individuals over the age of 30, whose work leaves them sufficient time and cash for entertainment.

The marketer frequently exactly suggests where he wishes to get new users in gambling offers. But there suffice uses, in which partner can select the source himself. Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte), messengers (Telegram), applications, youtube, doorways, e-mailing and push alerts are well converting. Fraud and incent traffic are prohibited.

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There are a number of plans by means of which you can make on betting: CPA represents Expense Per Action and translates as “pay per action”. In this case, the marketer is prepared to pay a particular amount just for a particular action performed by the brand-new user. In specific, in the CPA, a gambling establishment is paid for the first deposit made or for an “active player” (which, after generating income, begins to invest it on games).

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Here, too, we are discussing the commission of an action, however of a different kind. The marketer pays for the lead, that is, the contact details left by the new player. In gambling establishment affilate programs, you will normally be paid for the registration of a new user on the website or in the application.

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RevShare is one of the most popular payment models in betting affiliate programs. In this case, the advertiser pays a specific portion (from 30 to 50%) of the quantity of deposits made by the new user or the revenue gotten by the gambling establishment. An essential advantage of this system of work is that the webmaster gets his payments all the while the gamer makes actions on the casino’s site (that is, making deposits and playing).

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However it is a lot more successful to do this through an affiliate network. The main benefit of cooperation is that the network has a long-term relationship with all gambling establishments, which enables you to rapidly and efficiently fix concerns, get payments, boost limitations and rates, if the traffic suits the advertiser.

numerous payment designs (CPA, CPL RevShare), steady payments; possibility to get specific conditions and higher rates; Working cases and ideas of proven masters; constant assistance and consulting via skype. CPA-network 3snet provides webmasters a big selection of betting deals. They differ in different working conditions and requirements of the marketer, however all permit web designers to make great cash.

Certified Public Accountant network 3snet proffers offers from Vulkan Casino, Vulkan Platinum, Vulkanprimer, Vulkan Eminence, Vulkan Neon, Vulkan Grand, Vulkan Vegas, Vulkan 24, Club-Vulkan. There are more than 20 offers operating under this brand. Numerous conditions are likewise offered. Usually, GEO Russia is needed, however there are deals for the nearest nations (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan).

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Designs of work: CPA, CPL or RevShare. Offer deals with the CPL model, offering payment for the gamer’s registration on the site. However, the marketer individually specifies that conversion into deposits is not less than 7%, otherwise the traffic can be partially paid. It is possible to draw in traffic through Internet websites, doorways, contextual and banner marketing, mobile traffic, video and email.