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To put it simply, so that you have a positive ROI. To do this, it is very important to understand from which source to buy traffic. So, this year’s gambling trend is an application. This is not exactly a source of traffic, rather, a way to transform it – the traffic itself originates from the FB or Instagram, where you promote the application.

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It is extremely convenient: firstly, the ability to play is always at hand. Secondly, push-notifications on the phone will not allow the gamer to forget the app. More applications are described in this short article. Another top source of traffic for gaming, which we have actually already discussed. It is inexpensive, and the exhaust can be really cool.

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The main point is not to lie and avoid flashy headlines like “$ 500 to the account for registration” – the lead will be more expensive, but better. One of the trends of affiliate marketing in 2019. The format is quite fresh and requires running in, screening, but even so, native advertisements show quite great results. It is worth keeping in mind that Facebook has rather made complex the life of the affiliate marketers, tightening up the guidelines for advertising projects. FB does not like gaming and accounts are prohibited for encouraging. For that reason, either you utilize a number of accounts simultaneously (maybe even a number of lots), or you are participated in a cesspool – masking the ad (best casino affiliate programs).

There are exits, in general, specifically because the FB has a solvent audience. There are 2 alternatives for dealing with the “cart”. The first is to drive traffic from the very same VK to the telegram channel, and from there to the landing page. Or purchase posts from the owners of popular channels.

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The main thing is that the audience lived. It requires a great deal of work. Need plus or minus good content and non-template style. The website itself might be obstructed by the RKN at any minute, you need to have a mirror on hand. All this makes dealing with gambling sites traffic rather made complex.

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It has long been jaded and without a great base – no sense. However affiliate marketers still, and even pour effectively. So you need to not dispose of the newsletter entirely. A great deal of scrap traffic, however it is cheap. For that reason, here ROI can be extremely high. It deserves puzzling with the blacklist and in basic – actively examine what brings in users and what does not.

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But advertising gambling is not forbidden here, so you can and need to use such a source of traffic. The main point – to develop a method. Now the finest is the purchase of marketing from a blogger or a direct video of the promoted resource with links in the description.

With the advancement of online search engine, doorway pages have practically lost any sense for betting. Now effective cases with entrance online gambling establishments are the exception instead of the guideline. Doorways in 2019 are engaged only by pros who, for some factor, are tied to such a traffic source. But for a beginner, it is challenging and ineffective.