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Online betting social media. Experts evaluate online casinos and sportsbooks. I think basically everyone knows that the online gaming market is an extremely profitable one. I was lucky enough to begin working as an affiliate marketing online casinos in 2001. At that time I was going to the University of Central Florida getting my Bachelors of Finance.

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As a passionate gambler (blackjack gamer) and an Internet novice entrepreneur I saw a chance to focus my efforts on a particular market that I was interested in. I ‘d been a business owner my entire life but I knew absolutely nothing about the Internet. I had unwittingly set off on the journey of a life time.

In less than one month as an online gaming affiliate I had various leading 10 rankings on Yahoo and I was getting a great deal of valuable targeted traffic (Yes, I said Yahoo – It was 2001 and they were big in search still). I could not think just how much I was about to possibly make according to my affiliate statistics (affiliate programs casino).

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Well they didn’t pay me in the middle of the month however when the month was over they paid me every dollar owed according to the affiliate statistics tracking software. I had actually discovered a goldmine!It didn’t take long before I woke up one morning and all of my leading 10 rankings were gone.

However why? Well my SEO wizardry returned to harm me. The very same strategy I had used to attain fantastic search engine rankings was now the factor they were gone. But how could that be? Well, in 2001 search algorithms were still in their infancy – affiliate networks partner. So with rather primitive marketing efforts it was easy to achieve leading listings in the SERPs.

Connecting a lot of keyword-hyphenated domains together and with heavy on page keyword density and over usage of keywords in image alt tags wasn’t cutting it. As they got smarter I too had to work smarter and begin concentrating on developing high quality content that was much better than my rivals material.

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In 2001 if you wrote 500 words of original material and included a number of images called with targeted keywords and used image alt tags that was really quality web material. Generally for example. Oh just how much things have changed for many years. As each brand-new algorithm modification rolled out new search results page there was a typical recurring pattern of what was working before was no longer.

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Luckily due to the fact that I really did have a gift for cracking algorithms I would usually comprehend precisely what had actually altered with the algo and what I needed to improve to adapt to the new one. In the meantime, Google was making headway and ended up being just as essential as Yahoo was. It didn’t take wish for them to pass Yahoo by and there were two major sources for search engine traffic to optimize my sites for.

I was only 24 years old and had actually been working as a casino affiliate for a number of months. I had dreadlocks at the time. When I met up with Roy (remember the person working for the gambling establishment I was asking to pay me mid-month?) he couldn’t think that I was a 24 years of age kid with dreadlocks.